"Always imagine you are wearing an invisible crown"

This is the perfect motto for my business, Polished.  I have a passion to help each of my clients to become the ultimate version of themselves.  This can be accomplished through the many services we offer at Polished Salon and Polished Pageant and Wellness Coaching.  With my 25 years of experience in a salon setting and a lifetime of exercise and self improvement knowledge, I feel comfortable referring to myself as an expert.  My career has lead me to work with dozens of teens and adults to produce winners in an array of competitions.  Let me help you achieve your goals in 2015!

Laura Smith

845 1d Savannah Hwy, Charleston, SC, United States







Make Me Perfectly Polished!

Polished Palace

We would love to be the team that sets you on your journey to self discovery and personal transformation.  I will personally contact you within 24 hours to start planning the training or services needed to make you queen of your kingdom!